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Chevrolet Teen Driver Technology Gets 2020 Upgrade

What Is Teen Driver Technology?

Since 2015, one of the exclusive safety features in Chevrolet Vehicles is Teen Driver technology. The idea of the system is to help parents monitor their teen driver from afar and teach the teenager better driving habits. After much success, Teen Driver is reportedly getting a big upgrade for 2020.

Advanced Features

The system already includes features, such as muting the radio when seatbelts are not buckled, setting speed restrictions on the vehicle and recording how often different smart safety systems go off. Parents can also learn what their teens are doing well and what they need improvement on by looking at a report card of PIN-protected data.

Comes Standard On 2020 Vehicles

For the 2020 model year, the Teen Driver system will now be standard in different Chevrolet models, including the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse, 2020 Malibu and 2020 Colorado. The newest version of the system will add Buckle to Drive, which is a feature that will disallow teens from shifting into Drive from Park if their seatbelts are unbuckled. The goal of Buckle to Drive is to make sure teenagers buckle up since a seat belt is such an important safety feature.

Safety First

Safety is a huge priority when it comes to driving, additional safety features for new drivers, such as teenagers, can be incredibly important. Visit us at Hornbeck Chevrolet in Forest City, PA, and we will be more than happy to discuss safety features, like Teen Driver.